Adventure In Citizenship

Visit Ottawa for a week and learn about your Country and Government. The program is an exceptional opportunity for the Adventurers to explore our identity, shared values, the implications of the freedoms we all enjoy, and our history of tolerance and the search for compromises to bridge our differences. Adventure in Citizenship in Ottawa is an opportunity for a High School student who has an academic standing of at least 70% and, but more importantly,has demonstrated outstanding service to their school and community.

The Rotary Club of Kincardine accepts all applications from students from the Kincardine District Secondary School and all students from other area high schools, students attending those schools and living in the Kincardine area are eligible to apply.

For Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa, the Rotary Club of Kincardine provides registration fees and transportation for one (1) High School student. As there are students going from other area Clubs our Kincardine Club coordinates travel arrangements in order that the student will have a traveling companion(s) to and from Ottawa.

To Apply contact the Rotary Club of Kincardine by email.

For more information see the Rotary Club of Ottawa.

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