Tomorrows Leaders

The Seminar For Tomorrow's Leaders is a youth service program of Rotary International 6330 and is held in facilities at the University of Western in London Ontario.

The seminar is open to all students in Grade 11 who have already shown leadership interests and skills. Students selected will be recognised in their schools and their communities for their positive leadership abilities, and their history of evolvement in school and extracurricular activities. The Seminar will allow students to examine their own personal leadership style and how it affects others around them.

Daily activities include exciting lectures, discussions, rap sessions, and demonstrations of those principles which enable an individual to lead others. High school students attending the SEMINAR FOR TOMORROW'S LEADERS are challenged to utilize all available skill, knowledge, talent, expertise, and intelligence toward specific goals and objectives. The ultimate objective/goal is for each student to leave the Seminar with a new awareness of himself/herself, and be more finely tuned to utilize their given abilities to serve others in leadership capacities throughout life.

This opportunity is open to all students who live in Kincardine Township and attend High school.

In 2011 the Rotary Club of Kincardine will send two (2) students (one male and one female) to the seminar at the University of Western London Ontario. The Club will provide funds for registration and the registration fee pays for accommodations and the program in London. Students are responsible for arranging and paying for transportation and spending money.

To Apply contact the Rotary Club of Kincardine by email.

For more information see Seminar for Tomorrow's Leaders.

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